More macrons – loading and using the Māori keyboard

Kia ora! With Māori Language Week this week, a few people have been asking me how to type a vowel with a macron, especially outside of Word. I’ve talked about using macrons before, and as a commenter correctly pointed out, there is another way of putting a macron on a vowel, by loading and using … More More macrons – loading and using the Māori keyboard

Who’s and whose

Who’s and whose actually follow the same rule as it’s and its. Who’s is always short for who is; whose is the possessive. Two former workmates taught me a good way to remember this – have you heard of Who’s Who? It’s a British publication that gives basic information about a number of well-known people … More Who’s and whose

Much and many

Much and many can be confusing – it’s all about countable and uncountable (or measurable) nouns. You can count raindrops (if you’re fast!), so you use “many” when referring to them. But you can’t count water. You can measure it, by the cup, or the litre, so in this case you use “much”.

Happy feedback post

Some lovely feedback from a happy client – “I cannot thank you enough for all your help, advice, and being so accommodating! Thank you again, and have a great day.” Editors don’t have to be scary. Is there something I can help you with?

Less and fewer

Confused about when to use less or fewer? There’s a rule in English that we treat countable nouns and uncountable nouns differently. This comes into play for fewer and less. If we’re talking about countable nouns – things you can count – we use fewer. Ten items or fewer (we can count the items); fewer … More Less and fewer

Do you make time to have your marketing material edited…?

Owners of busy businesses often feel they don’t have time to have an editor look at their branding and marketing material – but think of the time and money wasted if you discover a spelling mistake (or even an incorrect phone number) after everything’s printed! Even the most beautiful branding and business cards are going … More Do you make time to have your marketing material edited…?