Using macrons

Microsoft Word doesn’t make adding macrons to Māori words in your documents a straightforward exercise, or at least it doesn’t feel like one. There’s no key you can just type them in with, and increasingly we’re becoming aware of words that we should have been including macrons on. First of all – what’s a macron? … More Using macrons

Using apostrophes

Apostrophes are used in English to show that: there are letters missing from the word (contractions) something belongs to someone (possession or ownership). There are exceptions to how these rules apply, and I’ll talk about some of these, too. Possession The general rule is that ’s shows possession. So to say Sam’s or Betty’s shows … More Using apostrophes

The writing process

There are various types of writing and levels of editing, which I’ve talked about in another post. One thing to remember is that non-fiction, and business documents and reports, are very different from fiction (novels and short stories) and other creative work. I specialise in editing non-fiction and business-related writing, so I’ll talk about these. … More The writing process