Creating a Word AutoCorrect

Is there’s a word you’re constantly mistyping, and having to go back and correct? (Perhaps you always mistype the as teh … or maybe that’s just me.) Creating an autocorrect so that Word will correct it for you automatically means you don’t have to fix them up yourself.

And remember those macrons we were inserting into words last week? You may find this post helpful as a continuation. I’ve set up autocorrects on my computer, so that every time I type, say, Kapiti, Word autocorrects it to Kāpiti. Nifty, hey?

So now I have a print out on the wall beside my computer of the codes for different vowels with a macron, but I use this the first time I type the word, and then create an autocorrect so that I don’t have to use the code for that word again.

Setting up an autocorrect

  1. Type the word you want to autocorrect to (that is, with macrons – say, Māori; if a word you often misspell, then the correct spelling) into Word.
  2. Highlight it.
  3. Click File > Options > Proofing > AutoCorrect options.
    Result: The AutoCorrect window displays, with the word you’ve highlighted should be in the left-hand box.
  4. Cut and paste it into the right-hand box.
  5. Type the word into the left-hand box without macrons (in this example, Maori), or the incorrect spelling you often use.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click OK.
    Result: your autocorrect is set up. Try typing the word without a macron in; when you type a space after it, it will autocorrect to have a macron.

Note: autocorrects are case-sensitive, so if you gave the word a capital in the autocorrect, typing it without a capital may mean the autocorrect doesn’t work.

Are there some other uses you have for autocorrects? I use them if there’s a long word I have to type all the time; I set up a (usually) two-letter-and-semicolon short code for that word in autocorrect. Let me know what other things you’re using it for!

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